Hornbeam, American

 … [more]

Hornbeam, American Hornbeam, American

Sycamore 6


Sycamore 6 Sycamore 6

Oak, Black


Oak, Black Oak, Black

Sycamore 5

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Sycamore 5 Sycamore 5

Oak, Southern Red 2

A great tree at a great school!  … [more]

Oak, Southern Red 2 Oak, Southern Red 2

Cedar, Deodar


Cedar, Deodar Cedar, Deodar

Sycamore, Riverview Park 1

Alas, the leaning Sycamore has fallen, July 29, 2014. It was damaged by the flood this year.… [more]

Sycamore, Riverview Park 1 Sycamore, Riverview Park 1

Gum, Black

Huge and healthy. Loved by owners since the '50s when they moved in.… [more]

Gum, Black Gum, Black
Welcome to the Notable Trees Project

This project documents notable trees in the Charlottesville, Virginia, area. We have created a database, photo gallery and map of the area’s large, excellent trees which are viewable from roads or public places. While Virginia in general has a large, lush canopy, current weather extremes and intensive development are quickly reducing the number of our older trees.

We include stories and information about particular specimens to educate and enrich our community. We hope readers go to see them in person. And, we hope to encourage the protection of our older trees.

If you know of a Notable Tree that you feel should be included in the database, please make your nomination here!

The Notable Tree project is a part of the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards (CATS) organization. Please go to the www.charlottesvilleareatreestewards.org website to learn more about the tree steward community, how to become a tree steward, tree care, events, other projects, and more.